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Chapter 448 - Prev Chapter Background Light gray Light blue Light yellow Sepia Dark blue Dark yellow Wood grain White Font family Palatino Linotype Segoe UI Roboto Roboto Condensed Patrick Hand Noticia Text Times New Roman Verdana Tahoma Arial Font size 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 Line hieght 100% 120% 140% 160% 180% 200% Full frame Yes No No line breaks Yes No Next Chapter 448 Venting Anger [This kid is not simple. He’s really not simple. If he participates in an Olympic competition or something, he will definitely get the gold medal.] [If it’s really a competition, what’s there to compete for? This is considered a cheat. It’s completely a cheat.] [This kid is really a f*cking genius. I’m already an old fan of Baby Chan. This kid really knows everything, and they’re all geniuses.] [He’s simply a walking cheat. Whoever gets this person can rule the world. When this child grows up, he’ll really be very amazing.] [Why wait for him to grow up? He’s already amazing now. When he grows up, he’ll be directly worshiped.] [F*ck, there are really many strange people among the people. My worldview has been shattered. I’ve never seen such a powerful archery technique.] [When I saw the fly on the arrowhead, I instantly knelt down. My roommates were still asking me why I knelt down. Then, I beat them up and made them kneel.] [Xiao Xuan will always be a god! He’s simply omnipotent. He really refreshed my worldview time and time again. He’s too awesome.] [I’ve never seen such a person in the mortal world. The water of a great river must have flowed from the sky. He’s really a god who has descended to the mortal world! We mortals are really impressed!] … Ye Chan looked at the comments on the screen one after another and was shocked. Although she did not know much about archery, she saw that everyone was talking about how terrifying it was. Moreover, the scene of Ye Xuan nailing a fly had indeed made her feel terrible. Then, after interacting with the audience and fans, she went offline. She jogged out of the fighting club and into the car, leaving the fans with indignant expressions. As soon as they got into the car, Ye Chan pinched Ye Xuan’s nose and questioned him. “Little brother, when did you learn how to shoot? Moreover, you’re so good at it. Just now, when you suddenly shot at Young Master Hong, I was shocked. I was really afraid that you would do something to him.” The sisters also looked at Ye Xuan bitterly and echoed. “That’s right, Little Brother. It was so scary. If that bow and arrow really hit someone, it would be really terrible. It’s very easy for someone to die.” “I’ve been practicing archery for so long, but I don’t dare to shoot like that. Little Brother, you’re really bold. What if you make a mistake?” “Now that I think about it, I’m still very afraid. My palms are covered in cold sweat, and my heart is tense.” Ye Xuan secretly smiled. He had the system, so how could he make a mistake? After all, it was a cheat. However, he couldn’t say this out loud. He changed his words. “I’ve played with arrows before, but it’s a bow and arrow that Dad made for me with wood. I usually take it out to shoot birds. I’m especially accurate when I play with it.” “Although this bow and arrow are different from wooden bows, the method should be similar. I became familiar with it after shooting two arrows. It’s also to scare that guy. Who asked him to speak so badly?” At the same time, they were touched that Ye Xuan stood up for them. “Young brat, I do care about you.” “If you want to eat anything in the future, tell me. I’ll buy it for you.” “Also, tell your sisters what toys you want.” “Although it was quite dangerous previously, fortunately, nothing happened. It was so satisfying to see that Young Master Hong was so frightened.” “That’s right, that’s right. I feel like my entire body is free.” “Little Brother, you’re great.” Hearing his sisters’ praises, Ye Xuan didn’t say anything. He leaned back in his seat and looked out the window. Recalling Young Master Hong’s expression, he couldn’t help but smile. After returning home, Ye Chan took out her phone and looked at the back-end data of the previous live-stream. Now that she had calmed down, she realized that when Ye Xin was shooting arrows, the data had broken the record. It seemed to be better than her own live-streams. After discovering this, Ye Chan thought for a moment. Before her Third Sister returned to her room, she pulled her back. “Third Sister, how about I live-stream you while you introduce some self-defense knowledge? The fans like you a lot.” Ye Xin raised her eyebrows. She would definitely be happy to be liked. She nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll casually teach some self-defense techniques.” As she spoke, she stood up and led Ye Chan into the gym, planning to live-stream here. Ye Chan had already opened the live-stream on the way. The audience immediately swarmed over, and the number of viewers immediately surged to ten million. Ye Chan was also very emotional. She pointed her phone at herself and greeted the audience and fans. “Hello, everyone. I’m home now.” When they saw Ye Chan, the audience was also very excited. It could be seen from the comments. [Baby Chan, Baby Chan. She’s broadcasting again!] [I was just about to go to work. Alright, I have to apply for leave again today.] [I thought that Baby Chan would not start another live-stream after starting it once today. I was scared to death.] [I’ll send a super rocket first to warm up our Baby Chan.] [Brother Robe, how straightforward. I’ll also send a super rocket. The vibe builders, come over and immediately raise the live-stream to the top of the homepage.] [Baby Chan’s sportswear really shows off her figure. I advise you not to be a busybody.] … Ye Chan glanced at the comments and smiled. Then, she turned around and saw that her Third Sister Ye Xin was ready. Without hesitation, she turned the camera over. “My Third Sister will live-stream today. Let my Third Sister introduce some self-defense knowledge to everyone. Listen carefully. My Third Sister is a martial arts master. Her self-defense skills are amazing.” When the audience heard this, they were also interested and expressed that they wanted to learn a few moves. Ye Xin was warming up by twisting her waist and waving her hands. When she saw the camera pointing at her, she smiled sweetly and waved enthusiastically. “Hello, everyone. It’s time for self-defense. Since it’s a live-stream, I’ll teach everyone a set of self-defense techniques that can be used by both men and women because I have to take into account everyone’s feelings.” “Uh, I learned this self-defense technique from the army. I combined it with the self-defense techniques of various countries and some of my own understanding.” “It’s also very practical, so don’t worry, everyone. I definitely won’t teach everyone useless tricks.” “If any little cutie really encounters trouble in the future, although I don’t want it to happen, useless self-defense techniques will only backfire. I won’t let everyone get injured just to take a video, so I’ll only teach everyone real practical self-defense techniques.” “Alright, let me tell you first. What should we do when we encounter criminals strangling our necks and holding knives against our backs?” “However, before that, let me say this first. I really, really don’t recommend everyone to learn those useless self-defense techniques that are often available on the Internet.” Prev Chapter Next Chapter Report chapter Comments Use arrow keys (or A / D) to PREV/NEXT chapter